10 Amazing “Meet the Team” Pages by Creative Agencies

Meet the Team Pages by Creative Agencies

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10 Amazing “Meet the Team” Pages by Creative Agencies

What are team pages?

In short, this is where you show off your companies most valuable assets: your team of professionals who make it all possible! In today’s society transparency is a key factor when it comes to the relationship with the customers. By presenting the people behind the company you will increase transparency, and build trust. Since the goal here is to build a connection/trust with potential customers, using silly pictures that highlight each member’s personality will make the team more approachable.

Why are team pages important?

It is a double-edged sword. When done right it can serve as a client magnet, but done poorly will have the opposite effect. A low-quality team page can give a bad impression of the company. Because of this, it is important to go the extra mile and make this page stand out, show that you care. It is strongly advised to use only high-quality pictures or illustrations.

Illustrations or pictures?

Pictures are the more traditional and widespread choice, but they might not be the best just because of that. They blend in with the rest meanwhile, illustrations don’t need anything special added on top fo them to stand out. Sometimes employees can be shy and don’t want their face to be openly displayed. Whatever the case may be a well-done illustration-based team page will surely stand out.

Our most liked team pages, that may inspire you.

1. Ultranauts

Ultranauts is special for us since they were kind enough to choose our
service when creating their team page. Here’s how it turned out!

Meet the Team Pages by Creative Agencies

2. 6tematik

6tematik went with a modern, colorful high contrast concept for their page.

Minimal Creative About Us Website Page

3. Kota

Kota is using a double exposure effect. Two pictures in one, yet both can be
seen easily thanks to the contrasting color palette, and each moving
separately when hovering over them.

Double Exposure Meet The Team Page

4. Advantix Digital

Advantix Digital chose to go with cartoon illustrations to stay on the fun side
of things. These are pretty realistic high-quality caricatures.

Cartoon About Us Page Design

5. Digital Silk

Digital Silk is using high quality images, with the same color tone applied to the images. Simple and professional.

Team Page Ideas

6. Lateral

Lateral has to be mentioned here since they took the effort to take multiple
headshots for each member, which follows the cursor as you move it.

Digital Company Team Section

7. Akaru

Akaru has a colorful and interactive page, with colorful elements floating around. The movement of these elements and the position of the images both change relative to the movement of the cursor making it fun and memorable.

Meet The Team Photography

8. Orkestra

Orkestra has an outstanding team page, the top displaying the entire team
in a delta formation, but by scrolling down you can find each member in a
with a formal photograph, but by hovering over with the cursor a more
casual photo is displayed revealing their personality.

Company Members Page

9. Fcinq

Fcinq chose to display their team in interactive colorful bubbles. These bubbles push each other around when clicked and reveal the person’s name and job title.

Circle Colorful Team Members Page

10. Fishfinger

Fishfinger is using fun moving illustrations, each employee is represented by a fish doing something characteristic to them.

Monochrome About Us Page
Cartoon Avatar

Turn everyday pictures into wonderful cartoon avatars.


Avatars that look Just Like You

Joyful woman laughing in casual setting | Avatoon.net
Joyful cartoon woman avatar smiling in a casual red top | Avatoon.net