About us.

our creative

the beginning.

The raising popularity of cartoon avatars

how we came up with Avatoon.

While Browsing through our social media, and YouTube we noticed that many of our favorite video bloggers, youtubers and streamers have a custom made cartoon avatar. We liked their look and decided that we should get one for ourselves, but google failed us.

Following a little research we found that, the topic of avatars is somewhat obscure, and its not easy to get one from a qualified illustrator.

the realization.

We saw this as an opportunity, we knew there’s a demand for custom cartoon avatars, so we immediately put our heads together to come up with a solution to plug this hole in the market. We figured we’ll make a website for this purpose ourselves, since we are graphic designers, and hire qualified artist to draw the avatars.We got together and isolated ourselves to avoid distractions. 

We worked tirelessly and managed to successfully put the website in a short time.

our mission.

Our site is all about making the process of getting a handmade avatar more accessible, and easy. We design your avatars based on the photo you send us and the style you choose meaning each avatar is one of a kind.

Our goal is to make avatars that genuinely stand out in quality from the ones you can currently find online. The only way to achieve that was to make each of them by hand, so we reached out to our contacts and convinced them to join us in our endeavor to make our vision come true.


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