Birthday Caricature Online: Unique and Memorable Gifts

Top 10 reasons you should get a birthday caricature

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Birthday Caricature Online: Unique and Memorable Gifts

When we celebrate our birthday and have many people around, we take photos to capture some great and unforgettable moments. Turning one great picture into a caricature can be a splendid idea. In this article, you will find out the best reasons to get a whimsical drawing for a birthday.

Top 10 reasons you should get a birthday caricature.

If you are looking for a memorable way to celebrate a birthday, you should consider a birthday caricature. Why, you ask? Here are the reasons why it’s a great idea.

1. The perfect gift idea

Often we are out of ideas and don’t know what would make a great gift. It is always a good idea to give someone you love or a good friend a present that shows you made an effort and thought about something more personalized. A birthday caricature is a unique and special gift that is sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

Unlike traditional presents, a caricature is a personalized artwork that captures one important or hilarious moment in the gifted one’s life in a fun and memorable way. Also, it’s a gift that constantly reminds you of the good memories you shared.

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2. Multiple usages

Having a digital format of these caricatures allows you to print them, store them digitally, and post them on different online platforms. If you prefer the more private side of things, you can send them separately to your friends. If you feel your shelf is too empty, print it and display it to fill in that gap.

Also, you can get even more creative and create personalized t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, so feel free to add a unique touch to your friend’s birthday.

3. They make you stand out

A caricature is a vibrant, eye-catching representation of yourself that playfully captures your most characteristic features. No wonder why are they such attention-grabbing pieces of art. It’s a fun and unique way to showcase your individuality and sense of humor that brings joy to everyday life. Whether it’s for you, your friends, or your family, it’s sure to make them smile.

different umbrella - stand out

4. They make you laugh

It is important to have something that makes our day better. This can be all kinds of things, like a compliment, a hug, a joke, a picture that makes us smile, and others. A caricature itself can be something that can make you smile, but a caricature about someone you know personally can make you laugh even more, especially if the drawing is on point with a good amount of likeness.

Laughing is good for our health, so grab every chance you get to laugh. Laughter is a kind of medicine. It can trigger healthy emotional changes in the body, can strengthen your immune system, and protect you from the negative effects of stress. There are other advantages of laughter, such as triggering the release of endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals of the body which have great benefits and can even temporarily relieve pain. They burn calories and may even help you to live longer.

man laughing

With this in mind, help someone have a better day, have free and healthy medicine, and consequently, to live longer. All this by posting, sharing, or gifting someone a birthday caricature.

5. No age requirements.

Whether young, an adult, or even a senior, a birthday caricature works for everyone. This is another reason why a birthday caricature is a perfect gift idea. Also, you can order caricatures with many people, thus covering more age groups. You can even make a caricature of a baby. This style of artwork is for everyone who likes this kind of humor. Having something in your arsenal that works for every age is a great way to brighten up a birthday.

6. You can store them in digital and physical formats.

As long as you choose an online service, you can store these caricatures on your computer and in printed versions without losing quality. You can make digital versions of live hand-drawn caricatures by scanning them, but editing and getting revisions of the drawing will be next to impossible.

It is advantageous to have the choice to save your caricature in both physical and digital formats. This allows you to use it as a background image on any of your digital devices and have the chance to reprint or modify it in the future.

7. They are conversation starters.

two people having a conversation

Let’s say you have one of these caricatures hanging on a wall or just displayed on a shelf; as someone notices, it will automatically open a conversation. Even when posting them on social media, people will be more inclined to comment because this is something they don’t see every day. Questions like: “Where did you get it?”, “Who made it?” and others will surely be present. You can even give others a caricature gift idea.

8. They are custom-made and personalized.

You have two options if you hire a caricature artist for a birthday party. Take it or leave it. However, hiring an artist online has the advantage of the option to leave notes and add extra details to your drawing. It will be custom-made and personalized to your needs. If you do not like the final version of the drawing, you have some options. You can request a refund or ask the artist to make a few changes.

Before ordering any kind of caricature, make sure that you are aware of the fact that these drawings are meant to be funny and sarcastic, and no artist wants to offend a client. A good caricature needs to be exaggerated to an optimal level. Also, they need to have a good likeness to a person, but these drawings are not aiming for that realistic look.

birthday caricature drawing

9. They can easily highlight your best features.

Let’s say you have some great features that you would like to highlight. It can be your big smile, beautiful eyes, long hair, or anything you consider your best characteristic. You can also ask an artist to hide your unwanted features. An experienced artist has the ability to bring out the best aspects of your appearance and charm through a clever approach and a personal artistic interpretation.

Besides the fun and joy it brings, it will be a confidence booster reminding you of your individual beauty. In any case, these birthday cartoon pictures are customizable but, more importantly, unique.

funny face

10. They are a gift not just for you but for the whole family

Because of all the reasons above we can comfortably say that it would be the perfect gift idea for the whole family. Having a good connection with your family is important, so acquiring a happy birthday caricature will increase the chance of having good moments together.

The shared experience of laughter, connection, and happiness brings the family together in a special way. Suppose you turn a photo with multiple people on it into a birthday caricature. In that case, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture each person’s personality in a photo that can be kept forever. Let that funny drawing be the centerpiece of your home that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

How much do birthday caricatures cost?

The cost of these caricatures depends on many different factors. The short answer would be that from a 20$ simple sketch-style birthday caricature drawing, they can go up to a detailed 200$ family birthday portrait caricature. You can even find more expensive artwork. Let’s see what defines the price.

First and foremost, there are two categories, live and digital caricature artists. A live artist usually has an hourly wage. However, on the internet, there are more things to consider when it comes to price.

The style of a caricature. Every artist has a unique style. Also, an artist can make a drawing in different styles. There are simple line caricatures, colored birthday caricatures, caricatures with custom backgrounds, and so on.

The number of people to be drawn. A birthday caricature can be of one person or a whole family, but the price will be higher if there are more people. Needless to say, it requires more work and time.

Speaking of time, it is another factor that defines the price. A simple birthday caricature of a person will take less time, so it will cost less. A family portrait is a bigger project and thus will have a higher cost. Also, some clients would need a faster delivery, for which an artist can charge a higher price.

The skill level of an artist is also important regarding the price. You can check many portfolios and can spot minor or major differences. An artist’s drawing with many years of experience will cost more than a junior artist’s work.

Having multiple options allows us to choose the best variant that suits our needs and wallet. Caricature gifts for birthdays are something to consider, especially if we want to think outside the box and get more creative.

Where can you get a birthday caricature?

You can have a birthday caricature in two ways. Hire someone who can do it in person, or you can hire a professional artist online. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on where you live, finding an artist who would be able to go to your party can be a difficult task. However, if you do prefer this option, you have the benefit of seeing a caricaturist drawing, and you can follow the whole process.

Hiring an artist online is easier, and it doesn’t matter where you live. You can order any number of caricatures. You can also check a portfolio to see what style an artist has; this way, you can decide if you like it or if you would prefer something else.

Depending on the online service, you can have the option to make some changes if you don’t like the drawing, but more importantly, you can have a 100% money-back guarantee which is not possible if you are hiring someone in person. Another great benefit of an online service is the convenience. You don’t have to sit for half an hour in a chair to get a caricature drawing.

drawing a caricature


No matter if it’s for yourself or if it is for someone else, you can’t make a mistake as long as you know that the person gifted with the caricature can see the funny side of it and won’t take it seriously or offensively. A caricature gift idea is something special, out of the ordinary. Whether a live or digital caricature, it will surely be a memorable gift.


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