History Of Cartoon Artists & Cartoons

Cartoon artists A cartoon artist and a cartoonist are almost the same things, except that …

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10 Linkedin Profile Picture Tips To Boost Your Resume

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10 Best Websites To Create Cartoon Avatars Online 2023

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Free Avatar Generators VS Hand-Drawn Cartoon Portrait Service

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Black Man Cartoon Avatar

Four signs you need a cartoon portrait drawing.

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reasons to creare a cartoon cat drawing

Immortalize, memorialize, and celebrate your cat

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custom baby caricature

Transform your baby pictures into cartoon caricatures

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office group caricature

Creative Ideas of Group Cartoon Drawings

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Cartoon Yourself

How to Customize Your Facebook Avatar?

There are over 2.8 billion Facebook accounts nowadays. Of those 2.8, more than 1.84 are …

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Avatoon is a blog for drawing lovers and artists.

Avatoon is a blog for drawing lovers and artists. The artists are talented people who, with their drawings, inspire others to start their own adventures in the music, art, and comic industry. We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at what drives these amazing people and what is it that keeps them going on a daily basis.

What is Avatoon?

Avatoon is a blog that gathers tutorials and resources for artists and drawing lovers. The blog also features a variety of interviews with different international artists, like the very popular Roy Lichtenstein. There are also videos that explain how to draw specific things. The most recent video is about how to draw the character ‘Momo’ from the Japanese cartoon “Llama’s Caravan.” With these tutorials and interviews, there is something for everyone on this blog!

Our Mission.

Avatoon is a blog that aims to improve the lives of artists by providing them with helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks. They publish informative articles on different mediums like watercolor, acrylic painting, drawing, and mixed media. All the content is presented in text and video tutorials.

How to get started with Avatoon

– Find the most recent posts on the home page.
– Search for a topic that interests you.
– Comment on one of the posts. Avatoon is a forum where artists can share their work and get feedback from other artists and drawing enthusiasts. You can also comment on other people’s drawings and participate in discussions about art topics.

What to expect from us.

Avatoon provides basic information on drawing and covers topics such as sketching, perspective, shading, and more. Every post includes images and videos that illustrate the new concepts.
The blog’s goal is to give everyone the opportunity to learn about drawing. By reading the posts and watching the tutorials, readers can be exposed to a lot of different ideas for their own art projects.


After reading this post on what you need to know about drawing, we hope you will have a better idea of how to start. Remember that practice makes perfect and persistence is key! Itching to draw something? Head back over to our blog for more inspiration. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates too!