Cartoon Couple Drawing Ideas: Celebrate Love and Togetherness

cartoon couple drawing

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Cartoon Couple Drawing Ideas: Celebrate Love and Togetherness

Personalization is the key component of a great gift. Not just buying something off-the-rack, but something with the extra oomph that really makes the gift shine. It’s hard, sometimes incredibly hard — most times, we’ll throw in the towel and decide to take the easy route: “Amazon, give me a hand…”

Nonetheless, with a bit of outside thinking, you can leave a lasting impression in someone’s life and give that gift that rocks. St. Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, the holidays, and even Halloween, cute couple cartoon drawings are becoming the trend when it comes to gift-giving ideas.

Why are cartoon couple drawings popular?

“How to draw a cartoon couple” and “custom cartoon drawings” have become two of the most searched terms for gifts within Google’s ecosystem. Folks are enamored of the practice and want to find a great artist who can give them a high-quality, memorable gift within the guidelines. A unique, stylish, and of the best artistic quality cute couple cartoon drawing.

But why exactly has the practice become so sought after? Why is it hip to create cartoon drawings of couples?

Well, it’s not just couples — people are also searching for custom pet drawings, solo cartoon sketches, family portraits, you name it. If it can be drowned into a cartoon, people are in the market for it. But why?

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Well, for numerous reasons:

  • Gifts are becoming too mainstream and lack personalization. With the advance of door-to-door shipping, gifts have sort of lost their luster. There’s no longer an art to them.
  • You no longer have to toil and trouble trying to find just the RIGHT gift — the internet has them all at a discount and with overnight shipping. Part of the excitement of getting a present was in the knowledge that it took the gift-giver time to invest in you, in figuring out what made you tick, what truly played at your heartstrings, and what you really wanted.
cartoon couple drawing as a gift
  • Archer, Rick & Morty, the legendary Simpsons, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, etc. — cartoons are no longer kid-friendly. South Park made sure of that. Cartoons have become a medium that is actively advertising and producing products for adults. This has made it an artistic impression that adults can now relate to.
  • Uniqueness that’s the one term all couple cartoon drawings have in common — they are unique. No two are alike. Everything else is mass-produced; art is irreplaceable and extremely hard to copy and duplicate. That’s part of its charm.

The gift of a cute couple cartoon drawing

Cute couple cartoon drawings are a great gift idea. Everyone has a favorite cartoon. In 2008, a rather flamboyant South American dictator was being interviewed by CNN. The man was your prototypical socialist president — the type that’s become a stereotype. Blood red beret, olive army dungarees, a collection of medals swinging from his chest, and back leather boots cinched tight. The man spitting rhetoric on socialist democracy, on the madness of capitalism, on how the Yanks and “the empire” were tools of the Devil.

Mid-interview, the journalist, out of the blue, asks: “What’s your favorite movie?”

The Che Guevara clone, without missing a beat, goes: “Toy Story.” Then, if that wasn’t enough, he tells his advisor – a Fidel Castro wannabe – “I honestly liked all of them.” His advisor responds: “I loved the second one. Really liked Buzz’s story arc.”

That’s the kind of power cartoons have. Everyone has a favorite, no matter who you are, what kind of childhood you had, what insights you might have gleaned over time, or the hardships you’ve faced. It’s hardwired into our system. We use that favorite character, series, or Pixar affair to connect with a part of us we’ve neglected, our childhood — or, more to the point, that whimsy we used to cherish from that bygone period. 

custom cartoon drawing for a couple in love

You’re not giving your darling a great custom couple drawing — you’re giving them an experience. A way to connect with you through the magic of animation.

What types of photos should you use for a cute couple cartoon drawing?

There’s really no cut-off point for the sort of pictures you can send to an artist. Experienced artists can make custom miracles out of whatever picture you have on hand. Nonetheless, here are a few ideas to get you rollin’.

Engagement Photo

Everyone has one. A before and after, of a mid-way through it. That pic’ where the champagne is being uncorked, and you can see the relief in the future groom’s eyes — the man once more taking a breath after that fateful “Yes.”

We all have a great photo of that day, including the obligatory angle shot of the bride showcasing her new diamond bling.

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First date photos

Or maybe stroll back in time to those awkward moments when you were first getting to know each other. There’s always a great photo from that era.

First vacation together

Remember when your man had a washboard body? When weren’t margaritas calorie bombs but delicious, heavenly trips? Or when you camped out in the open, staring at the midnight sky, in each other’s arms? We all have a vacation we want to relive — a cute cartoon couple drawing gives us that opportunity.

photo ideas for couple cartoon drawing

The great cute selfie

That spur-of-the-moment flash with your camera that trapped the magic. No fancy get-up, no time to orient your hair, no time to button the shirt or get rid of the mustard stain. There’s something great about capturing a cute photo, one that speaks volumes about your relationship without any preamble. 

Avatoon’s picture-perfect cute couple cartoon drawings

What makes Avatoon stand above the rest? Well, because aside from property tech, we employ actual animation artists. Your cartoon drawing won’t be a mismatch of bits color-coded to the specs of some algorithm — they’ll be a flesh and bone artist you can collaborate with who’ll be able to interpret your ideas, no matter how wacky or hard to describe they might be. 

Your cute cartoon drawing will look splendid in your home or as wallpaper, or anywhere you want to display it. Easy, innovative, with an intuitive system, great service, and fast delivery as a high-quality ready-to-be-printed pic.

Why should you get a cartoon couple drawing?

If you are getting one for yourself, it’s a great way to immortalize that special bond you have with your partner. Transform your favorite photo into a charming cartoon representation of yourselves and capture the essence of your relationship but in a fun way.

If you want to give it as a gift to your loved one, you can show that you care about your relationship, think outside the box, and give something meaningful that remains an everlasting memory. Also, it serves as a reminder of the love you share, making it an outstanding gift. There are many occasions when such a gift makes your loved one happy.

A cartoon couple drawing is not just a beautiful artwork but a visual story that represents your love story in a captivating way.


Whether you get such a drawing for yourself or as a gift for your loved one, or for a couple you want to surprise, such a captivating artwork will definitely be an unforgettable memory. If you want a unique gift, a memorable keepsake, or a reminder of the bond between you and your loved one, getting a cartoon couple drawing is an excellent idea.

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