Cool Profile Picture Ideas For 2022

Profile Picture Ideas For 2022

Refresh Your Social Network Pages Look

In 2022 you can rarely find someone who doesn’t have a social media account consequently, they probably have not one, but multiple profile pictures on different platforms. This means that you need something cool and trendy, to be “visible” for the others. In other words, to make you and your page stand out. Using innovative and trendy profile pictures will help you achieve the desired outcome.

What are the classic ideas for profile pictures?

The most classic profile picture idea is a headshot. No surprise there. Also, classic ideas are a picture of your pet/pets, a close-up of something you love, a solo picture of you, a pic of your logo, if you have a business, and so on.

Most of the time, people use a headshot as their avatar because it tends to work and because in most cases people want to show themselves. Usually, we have lots of pictures on our social media pages, but the general perception is that we need to have the best picture as our profile picture.

Having a picture of our pet/pets is another classic idea. Many of us have a pet, and we love them, so we would like to show them to the world. They can be pretty cute and can attract many other animal lovers.

Showing a close-up photo of something that we love could be, not only pets but many other things as well. For some reason, we have an attraction to different objects. Many of us know someone, from the present or from the past, who rarely has a photo of themself as a profile picture. They prefer close-ups of different things. This is something that we’ll see in the future as well.


A Solo picture of yourself is a great way to show your style, hobbies, vibe, mood, etc. At one point or another, every one of us had a solo picture. This is a very common and also classic idea because we want to have a great first impression without saying a word. You should avoid selfies where your arm is visible, thus showing that you are holding the camera.

If we have a business, we often like to advertise our brand, by using our logo as a profile pic, so it’s not surprising that this idea is classic as well. Even years back, this was very common and was one of the first steps of promoting ourselves on social media platforms.

These are some of the most classic ideas for a profile pic, that will probably stand the test of time. However, we can spice these up a bit, thus ending up with some cool profile picture ideas.

How to choose the best profile picture in 2022? To answer that question, we need to take a look at some of the best photo ideas that are trending now.

Body profile pictures. These are photos of a person highlighting their body to the maximum advantage. They became popular in the last few years. In the past, body profile pictures were popular among professional bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness trainers but nowadays the majority of its fans are non-professionals. In the recent lockdowns, this trend took off. It is most popular in South Korea, where it was developed, but it’s quickly spreading around the world, so using this idea will certainly make you stand out. The popularity of this cool profile picture idea is that it’s essentially a movement, representing the commitment of people to have a healthier lifestyle.

A funny cartoon profile picture.

Funny Cartoon Avatar Picture

To spice up a standard profile picture, turning it into a cartoon avatar will do the trick. Cartoon avatars are getting more and more popular for a good reason. They look cool, also show your creativeness, not to mention that they’re innovative. A funny cartoon profile picture will catch the attention of others and will raise their level of interest, and you’ll probably receive positive feedback as well.

To make a cartoon profile picture funny, you could try to use different facial expressions. A bigger smile showing teeth, a surprised face, and so on.

How to choose the best cartoon avatar?

Be aware of the fact that not every cartoon avatar has superior quality. Choosing a professional artist to do that for you is not for free, but will not leave you disappointed. At Avatoon we have a team of experienced artists, who will leave you speechless and will help you to create an awesome avatar. We have a 100% money-back guarantee, so it’s risk-free, meaning you can bravely try it out and impress your friends or colleagues.

These cartoon images are one of the best avatar profile picture ideas in 2022. Expressing your individuality and showing your outside-the-box thinking will make the difference.

Seasonal profile pictures

Using a photo with a lot of snow, or ice, or even with a Christmas tree in the summertime could be contrasting, although using them in the matching season would be a much better idea. In general, using seasonal profile pictures raises the level of interest and sets the mood correctly. You could try experimenting with angles and could try implementing different ideas by finding some inspiration online or just leaving it to your imagination.

Which profile picture ideas are the best for boys?

As we mentioned earlier in a section, a cartoon profile picture would be an excellent idea for boys. Sticking to the classic or common ideas could work, but why not try something new? When we try out something different, we tend to be cautious or even skeptical about it! However, when a great idea comes into the picture, like the first touch screen mobile phone, even with the skeptical attitude of people, they could turn out to be a great success.

How to recreate a classic profile photo idea to be more modern?

If a headshot is the most classic profile picture idea, we could spice it up to make it more modern, this way creating one of the best profile picture ideas for 2022. To make this happen, you could change the background to some spectacular ones and could also try using contrasting colors. Another good idea would be to capture the photo when it’s overcast, so the lighting is softer.

If you feel like you have a great physique, or maybe you are an athlete or just a huge fan of sports, a body profile picture would be a great idea.

Which profile picture ideas are the best for girls?

An advantageous thing about cartoon avatars is that they are not dependent on genders. They could be the best profile picture ideas for girls as well. The high-quality work will be instantly visible to an untrained eye as well as to someone with experience in the domain.

Seasonal profile pictures with full-body shots and stunning backgrounds would certainly do the job. This may be a little harder to create and may take more time to do, but if you do it right, the results will speak for themselves.

The best profile picture ideas for everyone.

A general thought about trending profile picture ideas is that no matter if you are a boy or a girl, you could take a classic well-functioning idea and boost that with some new and creative concepts. A redesign of something that is already working so that you’re making it your own. You could also think outside the box and bring something unique that represents you. Using the right filters would often help, but don’t exaggerate! Depending on the social media platforms, sometimes emojis would spice up the mood.

Final thoughts.

To sum it up, here’s a list of things you can do to make a new profile picture:

  1. Use body profile pictures
  2. Create a funny cartoon avatar via Avatoon
  3. Use seasonal profile pictures
  4. Boost the existing classic ideas, like a headshot, with innovative designs
  5. Mix things up using the advanced technology the right way (filters,
    photoshop, leaving the work to a professional artist…)

As you can see, there are a lot of ways of creating superb profile pictures. What if you’ve got a social media page and you didn’t touch it for years, and now you would like to upgrade it. How to choose the best profile picture? Well, this is different for everyone. Choose from the listed ideas that are working for you. You could also mix some ideas and make a profile picture yourself, leaving it to your imagination.

Regardless of your choice, here are a few examples, that will always work.

Custom cartoon avatar

Turning a simple image taken by one of your friends or colleagues into something magnificent, like turning it into a custom cartoon avatar at is always a good option. This way you can leave it to professionals, and you don’t have to worry about the result. Also, if you would like to change some details, feel free to do that simply by adding some notes because you and our team will make the best cartoon profile picture together.

You can make a new profile picture by paying for a shooting session, or if you wouldn’t want to invest in it, you could ask someone to take some pictures for you, focusing on the trending ideas. A good piece of advice: do not try to fix it after you’ve taken the photo, try to make the miracle happen while you’re taking pictures. This is a clever idea if you want to shorten the process. Use these great tips to your advantage, make your profile picture cool and trendy. Implementing new ideas will also help you to have the best profile pictures possible.

As the last note, which is a great tip for any kind of picture, consider the quality of the photo. This isn’t a big secret, don’t get me wrong, but in 2022 you can still find a lot of people who have great ideas but poor quality photos. Nowadays top-end cellphones have high-quality cameras, this means you can pull it off using just a phone. No matter how well-constructed photo you have or how astonishing the background is if the quality isn’t good you won’t have the best results.

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