Why create an avatar from your photo? Exploring the benefits and possibilities

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In the modern digitalized world, having an avatar that catches the attention of others is getting harder. There are many inputs and stimuli that we are bombarded with daily, so an average profile picture won’t do the trick if you are looking to grab attention. Today, we will explore why you should create an avatar from your photo.

What are the benefits of creating an avatar from your photo?

There are thousands of people you’ve never met who know you only from your online profile — which means your profile picture is all they really know about your appearance. 

cartoon avatar from your photo

And are you satisfied with that? Most of us don’t like how we look in pictures, even if they’re official headshots taken by a professional photographer. We look at them and think, Do I really look like that?

What if you could have a professional artist do a drawing of you in an upbeat, fun style that brings out your best qualities and minimizes those other ones? What if you could have it done as easy as taking a selfie and uploading it to a Website? And what if the price was way less than that professional photographer would charge?

You can find websites that do just that! Just like our site. We specialize in drawing cartoon portraits, and throughout the years, we have perfected our style to best suit your needs.

Avatoon is a website run by people who understand the benefit of having a cartoon avatar. We have created a service that is simple to use and produces excellent results. 

How to create an avatar from your photo and apply it to your profile?

At our site, the process is the following: choose a great, high-quality headshot, alternatively take a quick selfie, upload it, and we’ll take care of the rest to deliver your custom-made drawing in a short time.

It is a great solution for companies who need headshots for their website, promotional materials, employee publications, and many other needs. Instead of hiring an expensive portrait photographer and making employees dress up, take time off from their jobs, and spend hours on a photo shoot, you can make the process faster without much preparation. Within a short time, they’ll have their custom-designed cartoon avatar for a fraction of what a photoshoot would have cost.

What types of avatars are popular?

Don’t let the word “cartoon” fool you. These are not crudely drawn parodies or clownish representations. They are professionally drawn and colored, and they bring out the best in every portrait. They have style and character, and because they’re done in a vector format, they can be scaled and changed easily to fit any format, whether print or digital. Backgrounds, colors, and shapes can be changed in a flash, unlike a static photograph.

The most popular avatars have excellent likenesses and capture distinct features and characteristics of a person, which are detailed drawings. Also, hand-drawn avatars are more popular than ai-generated ones due to their unique characteristics and appeal.

What are the pros and cons of creating a cartoon avatar from your photo?

female cartoon avatar

More than ever before, people are realizing that their image represents their personal brand and that in today’s world, it’s important to pay attention to what your online image says about you.  

Creating an avatar from your photo has many benefits, such as:

  • It makes your online page stand out. A well-designed unique cartoon portrait can draw the attention of others due to its charming nature. Before ordering yours, be sure to hire the right artist for the job.
  • It shows your creative and lighthearted side. It’s hard to come up with something new that is both creative and shows your outside-the-box thinking, and with such an avatar, you can prove that.
  • It makes your page look more approachable. Such a profile picture communicates to people that you understand humor and that you are an open-minded person.
  • They are versatile. You can use them on different platforms, including social media pages, forums, gaming communities, apps, business websites, etc.
  • They protect your privacy. You can use one of these avatars on websites or online platforms where you’d want to protect your privacy. You can maintain anonymity by using a cartoon representation of yourself instead of a real photo.
  • You’ll get unique and personalized artwork. If you hire an artist to create an avatar from your photo, it’ll be hand-drawn and one-of-a-kind.
  • Ordering such a drawing is convenient because you only need to send a picture of yourself, and you can do that from anywhere around the world.
  • There are different styles to choose from. These avatars are not limited to only one style, so it is sure there’s one that you’ll love.
  • They are an excellent gift for your friends or colleagues. Surprise them with a unique gift they can keep forever and will remain a great memory for life.
  • Because they are digitally drawn, you can ask the artist to add or remove different features in such a way that it doesn’t change a person’s overall appearance and likeness.

As you can see, there are many benefits to getting a custom drawing, but let’s see what the potential downsides are.

  • Creating an avatar from your photo is not for free. If you hire an artist, the price range differs based on what extras you need, but hiring a professional artist is still cheaper than going to a professional photo shoot.
  • When you send your pic to the artist, you need to wait a few days to get your drawing; if you don’t place your order with a 24-hour delivery.
  • Not every website offers a money-back guarantee or free revisions, so choose one with these options.

How can you make a cartoon avatar from a picture for free?

You can find online avatar makers from photos for free; however, as you can expect, the quality won’t be great. Usually, you will be able to create your avatar by choosing from premade elements and building up your or a random character. This option is good for fun but not optimal if you want something of higher quality or with a more professional look.

Read more >> History of cartoon artists and cartoons.

How do you get an avatar that looks like you?

hand-drawn cartoon avatar

If you want good likeness, the most important thing is to hire an experienced artist. Check portfolios, reviews, and make sure you like what you see to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Not every artist has the same style, and not every artist wants to capture you with maximum likeness.

It depends on the personal interpretation and style; this is why you should always check everything there is to know about a website or artist. After finding the service you are happy with, send a high-quality photo of yourself as a reference so the artist can recreate your features with excellent likeness.


As you can see, creating an avatar from your photo online with the help of an experienced artist is a great idea to boost your online presence and make your page stand out. The popularity of these avatars can be explained by the fact that they add personality, fun, and creativity to your social pages. If you’d like to commission a professional artist, check out our portfolio, and choose your favorite style from the ones we offer.



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