Creative Ideas for Group Cartoon Drawings: Fun and Unique

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Creative Ideas for Group Cartoon Drawings: Fun and Unique

Custom group cartoon photos are a great way to inspire and cement friendships. They help to harness the values and principles of a team. They enhance group mentality. They galvanize group dynamics and really highlight a team’s motivations and magic.

They can be used in multiple environments and are not just office group caricatures — dozens of conglomerates can benefit from a funny team picture, including groups of friends, office staff, find vacancies, sports teams, band members, bridesmaids, wolf-packs, bowling leagues, and more.

The value of a funny group caricature

There is a sociological thesis that basically speaks volumes on the value of groups and, more to the point, of the value of a group’s shared iconic imagery. We’re going to slip into our academic robes and take a rather bizarre segway, considering you’re on a page devoted to cartoons and funny group caricatures — but trust us, it’s worth it.

office group caricature

Way back when our Neanderthal ancestors roamed the earth, we were slaves to our fisionomy. We couldn’t progress as a species because collaborative teamwork and team actions were impossible for us. We could form groups and packs, but our brains and limited capability wouldn’t allow us to function in a society greater than 120 members.

Why that number? Well, it’s called Dunbar’s number — it is the cognitive limit to the number of people with whom we can maintain stable social relationships. And that limit has to do with the size of our brains. At most, on average, we can maintain a good stable relationship with 120 people — you can’t build a society on just 120 folks.


Well, what sets us apart? What made us into what we are today? We became homo sapiens, and with that, we started to develop creative thought. We, as a species, could get behind the ability to spin tales, narratives, folklore, and brands. And we reinforced those tales with imagery, icons, and logos. We still maintain that 120 limit; the only difference is that shared beliefs now occupy a few of those slots.

We could form a stable relationship around people that shared our values, for example, around people that were patriotic, religious, or brand loyal. We started to form bonds based on whether we were loyal to that deity, that brand of computer, or that flag.

So, imagine you’re a weary traveler down the backroad of some ancient forest, scared silly of cut-throats and highwaymen and wolves, and someone jumps in front of you — how do you react? Do they pop out with a cross on their neck? Do they go sing “Yankee doodle dandy?” Or maybe, they ask, “Is that the new iPhone?

Man, I’m dying to make the upgrade. Love Steve’s products.” Suddenly, depending on your beliefs, you’re standing not in front of a stranger but in front of a possible companion and team member. That’s the power of iconography and how a group cartoon drawing, as benign as it might seem, can work wonders.

What are some great ideas for group caricatures?

So, now, you understand from a sociological perspective why images or photos of groups are so important. They help strengthen the bonds and relationships of group members and help foment their values and narrative. Still, the question remains, what are some great ideas to really create a nifty, mind-blowing group picture?

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Office Group Caricatures

You want to promote familiarity, advertise your brand, bolster your company, and, overall, advocate that feel-good atmosphere that your corporation seems to generate. There are a couple of ways to do this, to encourage that, by somehow capturing the intangible.

  • Take group photos during a corporate party, where everyone is a bit tipsy and with their ties untied.
  • Coordinate a shot during a joint vacation.
  • Promote a shot at a familiar setting, like the office, but less rigid — think breakroom.

Whether it’s taco Tuesday, casual Friday, or formal Monday, a great Group Caricature espouses the merriment and fun of what working at your office feels like. You should nurture that whimsical play and foster the idea of a shot that’s casual, that feels spontaneous, that somehow captures the random energy of that moment — even if it’s not random but meticulously planned.

Sports team

Sport team photos come in two colors — goofball setting and warrior configuration. It’s important when deciding on a great sports team caricature, to envision what you want to say with it. Are you going to use it for a recruitment drive? To draw in new team members? Are you going to give them out as a gift to your teammates?

Or are you going to use the picture as a new tool in that arsenal you employ when a match is coming? As a psychological terror tactic to spook the competition and get the upper hand — we’re not judging, Lex Luthor, whatever floats your boat.

funny group cartoon picture

In any case, it’s important to have the goal jotted down and defined. The last thing you want to do is send this week’s competitor a photo of everyone in your team hammered at the local pizza shop, bellies out, enjoying a beer, and showing all their wear and tears.

Cartoon group pics’ — the outliers

The outliers, the wolf packs you simply don’t know where to place in your group catalog. We’re talking about those haphazard, spontaneous teams that seem to sprout naturally and with ease. That 60s cover band you started to play in. That Fortnight cabal you suddenly found yourself telling your deepest darkest secrets to.

That menagerie of bridesmaids you had that sinfully delightful Las Vegas trip with. Those odd school friends you got reacquainted with after a night of Facebook-induced melancholia.

office team creative caricature

Those oddball groups have their own rhyme and reason to them — their own internal logic. They are unlike any other group. A funny cartoon group photo’s main objective is to somehow capture that energy, that uniqueness. Emphasize the ridiculous nature of them, that magical spark each has — in essence, play it fast and loose with the photo shoot and see what comes up.

Group caricature pictures and Avatoon

We’ve talked about Dunbar’s numbers and about the benefits of having iconography and group imagery — but what about the value of doing a cartoon with us? Of purchasing our incredibly affordable service? Well, time for the sale’s pitch.

group cartoon photo

Why is Avatoon the premier caricature service in the market? Simple, our final product is stylish and professional and isn’t finished until you, the client, approves it. Unlike other services, we don’t work with templates. We don’t simply scan your photo and let a computer algorithm do the heavy lifting, adding filters and transforming pixels.

We give your photo to an actual flesh and bone artist, and along with some proprietary tech’, they contact you and, TOGETHER, you start to create a caricature. One that is unique and based on your specs’. One that is personal, one that is a handcrafted piece of art.

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What are the benefits of getting a group cartoon drawing made by an expert artist?

Group photos are great because they can reflect a team’s unity and visually represent the bond between team members. Group cartoon drawings, on the other hand, add uniqueness and make the photo stand out. If you hire the right artist, you can get a piece of art that balances the likeness and personality of all individuals in the photo.

A drawing that makes your team look more approachable, showing a sense of lightheartedness. It’s an excellent gift for your team to add some versatility to their online presence. Also, these drawings add a fresh twist to traditional group photos, and they work for every age group.

Final thoughts

All in all, getting a group cartoon caricature is a great way to refresh your team’s online page and add versatility and a fresh twist to make your page stand out and make it more approachable.

You can use these drawings for many things, including office cartoon drawings, sports teams, team member pages, meet the team pages, and others. Let your creativity guide you, and hire our artists to make an astonishing drawing for your team.

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