How Company are using Cartoon Avatars

Why Do Get Custom Cartoon Avatars For Company Staff And Team Members

Custom profile picture makers are the big craze right now. The ability to make a custom avatar for business purposes fast becoming a trend that’s slowly taking the lead in all markets. Avatars allow employees to have a deeper connection to their digital environment. Something as simple as a custom cartoon avatar benefits the company a great deal and in this article we’ll tell you why such a practice is becoming ubiquitous in the business world.

The Importance of cartoon avatars

In the business world and mostly in marketing, cohesion is the keyword. Everything within the infrastructure of the company has to click. Like puzzle pieces. The company’s values, supply chain, brand, image, tone, products, and dozens of other factors need to fuse together in a harmonious way. Unification from all POV needs to be maintained in order to control the company’s narrative and the way it interacts with its audience.

Within the model and that well-integrated mindset, staff and the way they present themselves to the outside world have to be coordinated, analyzed, and monitored. In today’s digital mandate reality, where everything is online, a company’s reputation is partly defined by what their staff and their employees say, how they act, and the way they expose themselves.

A 2013 survey of over 6000 hiring managers and HR professionals revealed that over 27% of US employers were certain they had made a bad hire, and that just one single bad hire ended up costing their business more than $50.000. The main reason? Certain employees didn’t fit the company’s overall culture. Most, uploading photos, commentaries, and off-hand remarks on their social networks.

Some employees don't fit the company’s overall culture
Some employees don't fit the company’s overall culture

Today, everything is out in the open, a simple Google search can in fact make or break a company. It’s because of this reason companies are investing in custom avatar online programs. A business profile picture maker allows them to have greater control over the way they expose their staff and, consequently, themselves.

The Benefits of Cartoon Avatars for Companies

If a person’s work page is present online, in an application, or a social network a company needs to address and find a way to control it. Custom profile picture makers are a great way to take charge of this situation and find a cohesive way to join your team under a banner/theme that your company is proud of.

Avatars offer a company a great way to work with an artist and sync up their brand’s image to that of their team members. It grants them the ability to make their workforce’s online present match their value system and their design flow.

Benefits of having a custom cartoon picture for Employees


Employees can be represented, through the use of a custom profile picture maker, uniformly. There are no inconsistencies. Company uniforms or dress standards remain the same. Formatting is consistent. Expressions and attitudes tell the audience what your company wants them to say.


From a single photo or background, a style can be mirrored and reproduced. You can have uniformity within your workforce’s digital presence through the use of editing software and hand-drawn styles.


Avatars in general are far more cost-effective and affordable than the alternative, a professional photo shoot. They streamline the whole process and don’t require a major effort from the company or the worker. They simply have to mail in a photo of each of their employees and allow the artist time to give them cohesive, inexpensive cartoon avatars


Updates, like adding new team members, changing uniform styles, editing backgrounds for special occasions can be added seamlessly at any time. A company won’t need to set up a new photoshoot or have to deal with irrelevant or outmoded images.


It’s all about emphasizing your company brand. Your firm’s unique identity. Cartoon avatars allow a company the opportunities to further drive this trend and accentuate their point of view. Cartoon avatars, if properly handled, accentuate your company’s design, identity, and distinctive qualities. They further show off your emblem and creative trademark and emblems.

Problem Employees

In the culture we live in nowadays, employees and how they act ultimately reflect back on the company that hires them. No business is immune to this. There are countless case studies, and media wildfires, that prove this point.

Business success and reputation consists of little things
Business success and reputation consists of little things

One single out-of-line remark, one single out-of-context fashion quirk can end up blowing up in a company’s face. Having fun cartoon avatars as a means to reach a company’s audience and control an employee’s work page is an effective way to curb misunderstandings. It also gives a company a greater overall dominion over their style, their brand, and the way they will be interpreted and understood in the real world.

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