Custom Family Portrait: A Heartwarming Gift

custom family portrait as a gift

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Custom Family Portrait: A Heartwarming Gift

Getting a custom family portrait can be a challenge. It’s not easy to get the whole family together, especially once the kids grow up and everybody has their own thing going on. You might try getting the family excited about it, but that is a tough cookie to crack. Everybody has their own expectations, their own hang-up. It’s like trying to coordinate a wild pack of mongooses and hoping everything will turn out right.

The earlier you do this, the easier your job; the more you wait, the more hiccups there are, like work issues, distance, and the questionable outfits your teenage daughter is dead set on wearing.

This is where a family portrait drawing can come in handy! No matter where they are or what they are doing, a skilled artist can draw your family together, even if they are not in the same place at the same time. This is something new that can excite the whole family.

What are the challenges of family portrait drawing?

Drawing family portraits has to be one of the most challenging forms of art there is. This is because humans are very good at recognizing faces, maybe too good, as sometimes we see faces even where there are none (like in clouds or shadows). Because of this, we are able to sense subconsciously if there is something off with a person’s portrait.

This is why it’s hard to put our finger on what is exactly wrong with it, so the artist has to have a keen eye to sense these things instinctually. If you want to get a cartoon family portrait, you have to seek out an experienced artist.

a present of customized family portrait

Also, a good amount of likeness is essential if you want a successful portrait. When there are multiple people to be drawn, the artist has a tough task to handle because he needs to capture the likeness of each family member with their unique features and facial expressions.

To create a successful custom family portrait, an artist must balance realism with artistic interpretation. This can be challenging and requires experience, patience, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the dynamics of the family. These qualities separate great artists from beginners or those of average skill.

What should I get for Christmas?

The holidays are coming, and you’re out of ideas. How do you compete with all the amazing things your family has bought over the years? Studies have shown that less than five years ago, big-ticket items were the norm for the holidays.

Christmas would sweep into town, and suddenly the Apple Store went gangbuster. And not just for the holidays, but for special occasions. Junior graduates, here’s that laptop you were fantasizing over. It’s your daughter’s birthday, well, here’s a new phone. Not a single idea about what to get your old man for Father’s Day — let’s chip in and buy him the new PlayStation. 

Today, that’s no longer the case. Retail graphs have shown that big-ticket items maintain their same appeal throughout the year. There’s a surge in the holidays, but not as prevalent as in previous years. What happened? Well, costly things became essentials. 

Tech made that phone, that laptop, that car, critical items in a person’s arsenal — they transformed into everyday necessary tools, as essential as a good pair of pants. Those same studies also showed that that trend will skyrocket in a few years – partly driven by the new post-pandemic norm. Today, to exist, thanks to remote work, remote studying, and the wonders of the net, we require these items constantly and their updates. 

Retail trends are displaying a paradigm shift in consumer taste — People now want personalized items. They want a gift that presents an emotional connection. Gifts that were inspired by forethought. Presents that two people (the gift giver and the receiver) can bond over. That’s why custom family portraits are all the rage nowadays. People want their gifts to give them what today’s reality has stolen from them — a human connection. 

Getting something more thoughtful and personal than a simple gadget will be much more memorable.

How can I make my own family portraits?

Unless you are an artist yourself, your choices are limited. Currently, online programs and AI imaging are unable to do a high-quality cartoon family portrait. If you are reading this in the far future, though, this point might not be valid anymore, but I still think an artist can offer a more personal touch to their drawings than an AI ever will.

Currently, your only option, other than learning to draw yourself, is getting online and finding an artist who does it for you. There are many websites filled with artists doing just this, but some are slacker than others. The website’s size does not guarantee the quality of work, as proven repeatedly when artists have a stolen portfolio showcased, which is not representative of their skill.

However, a few websites specialize in portrait drawings and carefully choose their illustrators, such as Avatoon. So, if you want to create a family portrait, look no further; we got your back.

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Why get custom family portraits?

Your custom family portrait drawing isn’t just a gift; it’s an experience. It’s a chance to have some fun with your family, to finally get their adrenaline pumping over a photoshoot. Sure, you can send us an old captured pic’, one you snapped a couple of months or years back, but part of the fun is getting everyone to participate. 

They are great cooperative gifts. Not just one that’s inspired and partly created by the dynamics between you and the artist producing the illustration, but one that promotes collaboration between you and the photo subjects — your family.

Additionally, when you order a custom family portrait, you can ask the artist to draw your pet as well. This adds a personal touch to the artwork making it more special. Whether you display the artwork in your home or post it on social media, a custom family portrait with pets will be a unique way to celebrate the unity of your family.

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What are the reasons for creating a custom family portrait?

why create a custom family portrait
  • They are unique: People love cartoons, and thanks to the proliferation of Pixar, The Simpsons, and Adult Swim, toons are no longer just for kids. They are for everyone. A custom-made cartoon family portrait is a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • Celebrating Unconventionality: Yes, they are weird. Your family is strange, wacky, bizarre, and oftentimes downright insufferable — But that’s part of what makes them singular and why you love them. Each member is their own little world, and like in our solar system, the stability and beauty of the whole depend on each planet’s unique properties.
  • Affordable and easy: One of the biggest benefits of custom family portraits is that they are great economical gifts. They look amazing, are of the best quality, and are highly affordable — without looking cheap. They are also very easy to get; you just need to submit your photos, and the artists will take care of the rest.
  • Family’s Special Portrait: The one benefit that makes them stand above the rest is the fact that a custom family portrait depicts the only thing Amazon, Apple, LG, Sony, Nike, and all other retail stores haven’t been able to mass-produce, the only product or service they’ll never have — your family.
  • Fun custom family cartoon portraits: Fun, unique, affordable, and important — Those are some of the reasons why these types of gifts always manage to hit the bullseye. The reasons why people love them.

A custom family portrait, unlike a picture, is a work of art; it captures more than just what’s visually observed. Art manages to say more. Such a professional drawing shows all these traits that make your loved ones so magical and shows you admire and respect them.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits to getting a custom family portrait. If you want to create a more personal atmosphere in your family or to give a special gift that will be a keepsake for years to come that could be passed through generations, you can’t go wrong with such artwork.

At Avatoon, we take great care when illustrating your family photo. It’s a custom service that’s easy to understand and promotes communication between you and the assigned artist. Easy, with an intuitive system, great service, and fast delivery as a high-quality ready-to-be-printed pic.

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