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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I order?: Ordering an avatar is done in three quick steps. First you select the style you want to be painted in from our gallery, then you fill out a quick form, and the last step is paying.

How do i get drawn?: First the artist makes a rough sketch based on the photograph you sent us via email, then he cleans it up, it and finally adds the colors. Each of these steps is categorized as a different package and is priced proportionally.

How can I pay?: You can pay us through Paypal which we chose because it has an additional layer security for the customers who’d like a refund.

How do I get my files?: After you approve the avatar we made, you’ll be sent the files via e-mail.

What if I don’t like my new avatar?: If you are not pleased with the results, we will give your money back.

What are the terms and conditions?: After we give you the source files you are free to use your avatar wherever you want. However, you can’t resell it as your own. however we suggest reading the terms and conditions for more details.

Whats the size of the avatar I’m getting?: The standard size is 2400x2400px, 300dpi RGB, unless you ask otherwise, in which case we can change that.

In what format will I get the avatar?: You will get a .PSD .TIFF and .JPEG in a compressed zip file.

Will I be able to edit the image I get?: That depends on the package you are choosing. You can edit the colors in the $30 package, since are contained in different layers, while the sketch and simple version contain no colors.

Where can i use my avatar?: You can use them in your social media profile, cover photo, on youtube, steam, or in games that support custom avatars, or print it on things like a mug or a shirt.

Can I cancel my newsletter subscription?: Yes, at the bottom of each letter there’s a button for this purpose.

When will i get my avatar?: You will get it several days after we received your order. Delivery time is influenced by the package you chose, and the workload we’re experiencing.

I have an idea for my avatar. Can i share with you to implement it ?: Yes you can!


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