Create a Cartoon Avatar That Resembles You

how to create an avatar that looks like me

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Create a Cartoon Avatar That Resembles You

Using services online is by far the simplest way how to make an avatar that looks like you. There are multiple apps and services, like ours in Avatoon, that allow users to easily create this type of profile pictures. Right now, companies and individuals are enamored of the trend, and as the many software grow and become more sophisticated, this drive will only evolve and expand. 

Online services that let you make your avatar look like you

An avatar that looks like me is a fairly common request. There are three distinct ways to create an avatar that will look like you.


Not just photoshop, but through other professional design suites and software. Programs, like the ones produced by Adobe, allow experts and operators to blend filters and tools in order to create unique cartoon personifications. They are comprehensive and incredibly hard to master. Software of this nature needs an academic formation in order to use. And quality depends on who is handling/using them.


“Avatar that looks like me” apps that you can download can also edit photos and filter them in such a way as to mirror a cartoonish design. These software are limited and restrictive. They are based on algorithms, and pattern recognition. Advance formulas and programing tells the software how to interpret different factors/pixels within the photo. That same programming interprets those patterns and replaces them with preconfigured masks/templates. Users are only allowed finite customization. 

apps help you to create a custom avatar that looks like you
Apps help you to create a custom avatar that looks like you


Artists can also be employed instead of “making my avatar look like me” apps. They take your photo and either make a hand drawn cartoon facsimile from it, or use advanced software like Photoshop, to create your fun avatar. This is a great option because, unlike algorithms, an artist can capture something beside the physical attributes described in the photo.

They can also edit the photo and end result as many times as needed. They also have the ability to interpret what the client wants, something that apps and online avatar makers – those that are automatic – still lack. 

How to easily create an avatar for your photo?

Adobe Illustrator was the progenitor of the whole trend. It was, and still is, the cornerstone on which most avatar online fast makers base themselves. That software is their benchmark. Nonetheless, it’s an incredible fickle and hard software to dominate.

Most online avatar makers need to streamline and make the whole process user-friendly. They manage to do this by taking the operating power of Illustrator or Photoshop and reducing its customizations and tools. In packaging it they in essence takeaway must of those platforms unique design capability. They offer a streamline, awesome and simple suite of commands, but don’t offer much besides basic functions. 

Why Use An Online Cartoon-Style Photo Maker?

The main reason to use an online cartoon-style photo maker is because, well, you don’t have the time, nor the energy to learn Adobe Illustrator. You need something fast, something fun and something you can basically do without investing years of your life. Apps, and services online help individuals bypass the need to learn those complicated platforms and get instantaneous results

How does the process of creating an avatar that looks like you in online apps?

Most websites or apps have a simple straightforward process. Each process or service depends on the platform’s design predilection. 

Picture Perfect

You select a picture, upload it to their server and wait for the software to automatically translate pixels. Following preset orders, inputted during programming, the software reads your picture and implements filters and masks. Users, once the first draft, the automatic one, has concluded can customize certain variables. Customization is limited and depends on the app’s flexibility.

Brand Cartoon

Other software and companies, like South Park, Funko, or even Apple – with their custom emojis – allow users to pick pre-selected designs in order to create a cartoon that assimilates a certain style. Users, for example, can create a character – choosing traits from a menu – that mirror’s South Park’s distinctive cartoon fashion. Amongst the many, many, brands that offer this, you can find: Family Guy, South Park, Marvel, Star Wars, Funko, etc.


Avatoon’s way of approaching the procedure is somewhat unorthodox. The company’s motto is personalization, and uniqueness. You upload a photo and fill out a form to help the illustrator out. Once those steps are finalized, you will be contacted by a dedicated artist. You and the artist will work in conjunction as a team. Avatoon incentivizes synergy in order to give its client’s high quality, high resolution images that capture more than just a person’s physical attributes.

Avatoon helps to create great cartoon avatars that look like you
Creating a custom cartoon avatar with Avatoon is fun and easy

All cartoon avatar online services are great. They are fun and each one allows you to play with styles and experiment with artistic fashions and designs. Some, like Avatoon, give users total control over their avatar, allowing through its slick model and production chain full customization. 

Cartoon Avatar

Turn your team pictures into wonderful cartoon avatars.


Avatars that look Just Like You

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