How to Customize Your Facebook Profile Avatar

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How to Customize Your Facebook Profile Avatar

There are over 2.8 billion Facebook accounts nowadays. Of those 2.8, more than 1.84 are active on a daily basis. Despite all the naysayers and all those folks that constantly talk about Facebook’s demise as a social network, Mark’s little Empire is still the King of social media. It is the leading platform and main social media outlet on the planet, and basically the top dog of the group. By how much? By over 59%.

More than 200 million businesses use Facebook. More than 63% of Americans are hooked up to the platform daily. That’s a lot when you compare it to others of its class, it’s competition, and peers.

And, here’s the clincher, do you know how many times the average user changes their profile picture?

cartoonize your facebook profile picture

At least once every 2 weeks. That’s right, once a month, someone uploads a new profile pic’ into their Facebook avatar. That’s the primary reason why it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out, to draw in the views and likes, to attract an audience, to be unique — because you’re having to constantly battle it out. That’s why it is critical to think of making a custom Facebook profile photo.

The power of being unique — customize your profile picture

How do you attract people into your profile? How do you captivate your friends, your family members, your co-workers? How do you capture their attention, and, more importantly, make a splash? How do you go from a boring Facebook profile picture to something a bit more glamorous, or funny, or posh, or creative?

With customization — even a funny Facebook profile picture is better than the alternative; a boring one that says nothing about you.

People have constantly sought out ways to impress and really leave a statement when it comes to their profile picture. Why? Because, sociologists have determined that, emotionally and psychologically speaking, we’ve outsourced our capacity to retain memories. Our social media profile, what we post and paste on it, is an edited, happy version of our reality.

Think of that photo you posted of your last family vacation. You and your kin are in heaven, in perfect harmony, the written scroll makes it seem like everything turned out great. Well, in all likelihood, you probably had a fair share of strife. The kids were a bit capricious, you had a long fight with your partner, things were incredibly expensive, it rained most of the time, you got a belly ache — but, in a couple of years, when you’re flipping back through the digital album, that photo is going to become a stand-in for that vacation. It will effectively erase all those speed bumps.

That’s why having a perfectly edited and well maintained Facebook profile has become so important to us as a species.

Shake it up and forgot the traditional photo

We’re going to give you a quick guide on how to spruce your Facebook profile pic’. How to waive off the traditional photo, defenestrate that bland selfie, and really go into that battlefield with a custom Facebook profile image decked in the right kind of war-paint.

How to take a customizable Facebook profile picture?

1. Use bright frames

Art and images are really studies of light. Of the use of lighting techniques to say something and make a statement. Since there’s a huge chance that most people reading this aren’t masters of “claro-oscuro” and using shadows might seem a bit too overwhelming, then we’re going to suggest employing a good lighting rig and keeping it simple

What does that mean?

Employ enough light so your photo doesn’t come out pixelated and bland. Use natural light, and use your cellphone’s torch, just behind the camera you’re going to employ for the shoot, to cast everything in an even glow.

2. Filters

There are dozens, to be honest, hundreds of filters out there to help you better create a profile pic. Experiment with them and give your photo a bit of Hollywood magic. Nowadays you don’t need to be a graphic designer to alter a pic’, just a couple of apps.

3. Apps

Steve Jobs once said:

“There’s an app for that!” 

That’s right, there are apps that can help you take that great photo. Hundreds of them that can guide you through the process.

4. Create a Cartoon

You could also contact us. At Avatoon we’ve done thousands of great Facebook profile pics’. Custom artistic animations/cartoons that speak volumes on who you are and what you want your profile pic to say. We design one-of-a-kind pictures. Cartoons that are customizable and that are a collaborative effort between an artist, proprietary tech, and you.

The power of likes — Facebook profile customization

A study performed by the Pew Research Center in 2018 showed that most Americans experienced actual physical well being when getting a “like” on their Facebook profile. We actually secrete a hormone, dopamine, whenever our brains engage in the platform and gets a “social reward.” Wild, right?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and chemical associated with pleasure. It’s the same hormone we experience after having run a marathon, or after a good row in the hay — the hormonal charge from a “like” is similar to the one a junky gets from a vial of heroin. The main difference? You can’t OD on it.

We are addicted to “likes” on a chemical level — and psychologists mostly agree that it’s OK. That it’s a good way to get a daily dose of dopamine. That’s why it is important, at an emotional level, to have a good profile pic that floors your viewers. Something that’s unique, customizable, and creative.

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