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These hand-drawn cartoons are simple avatar drawings using only your basic information. Avatar created by our team of expert designers, a minimal avatar is hand-drawn and uses only a few colors, in a simple line style. A minimalist avatar is created with less details compared to a realistic one.

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Hand-drawn minimal avatars.

If you are curious about something new or different and would like to tell a fun story, then making an avatar might be the ticket. With minimal avatar service, you will have a cute cartoon version of yourself with just one photo. You can use your current hair and eye color as well as add in your full wig or hairstyle if desired.


You can take advantage of Minimal Avatar Service when you want to try something new or do something different on your social media. For example, if you are one of those people without a story behind your avatar, we provide an easy and straightforward service for creating cartoon avatars. This adheres well to low budgets, has a quick turnaround time, and is simple to maintain over the long run.


With minimal avatars, you can make your profile pictures more approachable for others. You won’t regret choosing this avatar in a modern style. It has its benefits and will make you more standard around the world wide web.


Where to use a minimal avatar drawings?

Having a social media account is not a novelty anymore, especially in the younger generation. Users can use this avatar on any social media platform. From Facebook, LinkedIn to WhatsApp, what’s the best platform? These minimal avatars offer more than a refresh and are ideal for users who want more control over their profiles.

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Extended Commercial

Avatar Styles, Head Shot, Waist Up, Full Body

Non Editable Format


Editable Format

10$ / Avatar