The Benefits of Having a Cartoon Avatar: Stand Out Online

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The Benefits of Having a Cartoon Avatar: Stand Out Online

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Why to use a cartoon avatar?

Using a cartoon avatar makes you stand out, makes your interactions more memorable. We think most people could recognize an avatar which they’ve seen before more easily than a nickname, suggesting they are even more important than your online name.

The Benefits Of a Cartoon Avatar


Avoid avatar generators

Using the image of a character/thing the way you found it on the net as an avatar is better than nothing, but it’s likely that you chose a popular picture of the character favored by the search engine, this way you end up with the exact same avatar as other people who had this idea.

Unique look

We suggest taking an extra step and customize your avatar so its unique. The best way would be getting custom cartoon avatar which was made from the ground up, making it truly one of a kind. Going the extra mile like this shows others at the first glance that you give a damn.


What kind of avatars should you avoid?

You represent yourself with an avatar which can tell a lot about. A poorly chosen avatar might give off the wrong first impression, which is important as we know.

An avatar is a reflection of ourselves. In the online world we start with a clean slate and choose how we behave and interact with the others. An avatar is a big part of the persona you portray. It can be a character of your favorite anime, or a movie, an actor, a character from a game, or a book, an abstract shape, or you can chose not to have one.

Low quality cartoon avatar

get your custom cartoon of yourself.

There are a lot of possibilities, styles available as far as avatars go, and they all tell a different story about their owner. The avatars are an indication of the nature/personality of the person behind it. Choosing the wrong one can have a negative impact on how you are trying to represent yourself. For example avatars are usually small in size, and many people forget about this. Try getting one that works in smaller sizes as well as many of the avatars we come across are incomprehensible, just a smudge of random colors at a smaller scale, making the owner seem sloppy, and someone who doesn’t really care.


Avatars that look Just Like You

Joyful woman laughing in casual setting |
Joyful cartoon woman avatar smiling in a casual red top |