Wedding portraits and group portraits with cartoon caricatures.

Wedding portrait illustration

"Wedding portraits can get repetitive with the usual poses..."

Hand-drawn wedding Invitations.

Getting the right wedding invitation is a nightmare. There are a few options that you can choose from however.

You can hire a professional graphic designer to make one for, you. This is the most expensive by far, but most likely the best looking too.

The second option is buying a ready made template online, which can undoubtedly look great and you get what you paid for instantly. However problem with these are that they are not custom made, and lack exclusivity. You get something that has been used by hundreds, or even thousands of others, making it less special for your big day.

The third option is making one yourself completely from the ground up. This is the cheapest way to do it, and the design can end up charming, but it requires considerable effort, and know how to pull it off, none the less these usually end up looking horrible . We’ve seen wedding invitations that had so much effort behind them, yet they looked like they were made by a third degree designer. This is the most time consuming option by far, and it’s both a gamble and a chore.
We suggest combining these options to get the most bang for your buck. You can easily get quality, charming cartoon style portraits, made by an illustrator.

And from this point you can either hire a graphic designer and ask him to incorporate it in the invitation he’s about to make, and use it instead of a plain photograph.

The second option would be incorporating it yourself on a template found online. By doing this you essentially add your personality to it.

You can also use these portraits in a DIY invitation, speeding up the lengthy process of making creating it, while keeping it unique, and delightful.

Portraits like these can be utilized in other situations as well. These can be used to spice up different kind of invitations and cards, making them more personal.
Companies can use portraits like these too

Illustrations are much more flexible than photographs. The artist can seamlessly add or remove details, and add a certain style to it. It can bridge gaps which would be close to impossible otherwise. Creating group portraits can be really challenging, when we’re talking about an international company, whose members are on different continents.

An illustrator can close the distance between these people, and is able to create an aesthetically pleasing group portrait which , contains every member, and can be added to the company website later.

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