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Why you should use cartoon avatars instead of a picture.

Here you can find out more about the benefits of a custom avatar and the reasons why you should avoid using low quality avatars generated for free, online.

The advantages of a custom cartoon avatar.

Utilising a cartoon avatar can have many reasons. One of the main reasons is protecting your privacy. Sharing a real photo of yourself can be too revealing for some, in which case a cartoon version of yourself is the perfect compromise.

An alternative would be using no avatar at all or one that is not outstanding, but this option has negative consequences.

We noticed that it’s more likely for us to read comments, if it’s accompanied with a well made custom avatar, which stands out from the hundreds of mugshot avatars. It also makes seeking out your content easier because people are inclined to remember a custom avatar, and prefer to associate a face to the name.

A cartoon avatar is also easy to edit, and its simple to change facial features to make it more appealing, or cute.

Why to avoid online avatar generators.

You can tell many things about a person based on their avatar. This is due to the fact that they are carefully chosen most of the time, and these represent something their owner wants to be associated with.

Rather than using an avatar made by an online generator, which produces a poor, hardly unique result, with no soul. We suggest a cartoon profile picture, drawn by a skilled illustrator. This will result in something that will stand out among the countless cartoon avatars generated by websites, which use outdated templates.

Avatars are used to give you a visual presence in social media, gaming, or any other media that you can think of.

By getting a hold of a custom cartoon avatar, in addition to standing out you can express yourself easier than you could with a picture.

The artist has more freedom when creating hand drawn avatars, since he can change facial features seamlessly to make it more appealing, or cute.

By today's definition an avatar is a graphical illustration, or a picture that represents its user, or an alter ego online. They are an essential part of every day online interactions between people. Nowadays when someone mentions the word avatar there are two things that most likely pop into your head. One are tall, blue aliens from the movie made by James Cameron, and the other is a digital picture. The second option was coined not too long ago in 1985, and since then it entirely took over what people associate the word with, and became its primary meaning. Before the rise of the internet, avatar meant descendant, an incarnation of divinity, a soul freed from delusions, or manifestation of god. This meaning originated from Orthodox Hindu beliefs.


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