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Cartoon Yourself in 3 Easy Steps.

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Upload your photo and fill out the form

Upload an image of yourself that you want to convert into a custom portrait, if you don’t have an image just take a selfie, we’ll take care of the rest! Next, fill out our short form with your information and you’re done!


Be a part of the process

You will be contacted by your dedicated illustrator, as soon as the preview is ready! At this point, you can ask for changes. Once you approve this preview we’ll send you the final high-resolution image.
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Upload it, post it, share it, show it!

Congratulations you got your wonderful new avatar! Now it’s time to post it, share it, place it, put it, set it, change it, don’t erase it! Save it, check it, paste it, flash it, mount it, quick display it!
Custom Cartoon Avatar of a Business Man

Are you a company?

Introducing Avatoon PRO

Easy, fast and safe

All you have to do is upload an image and fill out a short form. We take care of the rest and contact you as soon as your brand new portrait is done. 

Make it your own

We deliver our cartoon drawings in vector format, so it can be scaled to any size, we also provide a high resolution image in any format you need.

Protect your privacy

In case you’re not very comfortable using your photos as a way to represent yourself, you should simply cartoon yourself and use the resulting avatar as a replacement.

Stand out from the crowd

You can bring a playful edge to your next post or project using cartoon drawings.  It also makes the comment stand out and makes your readers revisit the post numerous times.

Get Your Custom Cartoon Avatar

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You can tell how a person is by just looking at their avatar?

Depending on the context, the meaning of an avatar can greatly vary. Originally it meant the flesh incarnation of a deity. But we will be talking about the modern term of avatar, in the age of the internet.
An avatar can be many things since it’s a projection of yourself. In online games, your custom cartoon character is your avatar. But here we’ll be referring to a specific type of online avatar a.k.a. the little picture next to your comment, the one you use in websites, forums.

Outline Cartoon Avatar Simple
An avatar in the modern online world is a character that represents a person. These are widely spread, used in games, forums, social media, online communities, and pretty much anywhere where you can post a comment. Some argue this is the most important choice when starting your online journey since this is the only visual representation others will ever see of you.

Extrovert personalities have more colorful, silly pictures of themselves, not really caring about the quality of the image that much, which further emphasizes their carefree nature. By showing their face it helps to connect with other people. On the other hand, there are some who prefer not to show themselves so they opt instead to use a cute animal or anything else, like a cartoon avatar or an object. These users are usually more insecure about their appearance, or just don’t want to show the world their face, creating a barrier. This is more common for introverted people they turn themselves into a cartoon.

Everybody wants to be unique and wants to project some kind of trait using this small little image. To achieve this, they use an image of a celebrity, or a character from their favorite TV show, or movie. These characters usually represent a trait they want to be associated with. For example, they may use an unyielding hero, or a clever villain the choices are endless.
These types of avatars are not limited to real-life action only, these can be cartoon avatars of yourself as well.
While the choices in this category are plenty, these kinds of avatars tend to be less unique, since they are usually popular movies or cartoon characters so they don’t really stand out.

Some go a step further by using custom avatars. These may be self-made by a free online avatar generator. With the help of these generators, users can cartoon themselves and create cartoon avatars that have resembling features. The problem with generators is that the characters are usually pretty simple/low quality and overall generic. For anyone who’s not satisfied with this, there is an alternative. There are plenty of illustrators offering their service to create a custom cartoon portrait from a photo. These are not free, but there is a clear difference in quality.

Professionally made custom cartoon avatar are appealing for both extroverts and introverts as well. They combine traits that are perfect for any user. There are many style choices available, they are fun to look at, memorable since they are unique, they resemble their owner and help create connection, but not at the cost of privacy. With these in mind, custom avatars are popular among all kinds of people.

Avatars have an implication in more business-related things as well. If you don’t change your cartoon self-portrait for a long time it can become a part of your branding, an image based on which you and your brand are recognized. If this is the case changing your custom avatar will have a negative impact on your brand, therefore be careful what you choose because you might be stuck with your avatar forever. A great example of this are YouTubers. Their avatars are iconic and once they become popular mostly static. Many use custom cartoon avatars, reminiscent of their old content, but can’t change it since it is part of their brand, it’s their logo.